Our Mission

Just-Friends creates opportunities to find new friends that live where you do. It’s free and easy. You simply tell us what you are passionate about, what you are looking for and the times that you are available.  We find people who live near you that share your interests. Most importantly, you remain totally anonymous. 

How it Works

The service is very simple to use. Here’s a full description of how it works for you.

24 thoughts on “Our Mission

    • Hi D-

      Thanks for the comment. I am currently working on another project that has taken me away from this one. Hopefully I will be able to return to this one as I have seen many people such as yourself express this same need.

      In the meantime, you might want to check out meetup.com as a good place to locate groups that are in your area.


  1. I’m interested on meeting sincere friends whom would like to share mutual interest, dancing,outing,visiting places traveling, prefer Christian to share Bible principles.

  2. hi, my name is stephen and im a 40 year old from Dublin. i would like to chat and meet new friends. I love the outdoors and enjoy keeping fit so anyone out there likewise give me a text. talk soon

  3. Hello everyone, I’m a wm 38yr old trucker & I’m looking for friendly intelligent conversations. My main interest are in astrology, witchcraft, law of attraction , & anything metaphysical. I travel through south Louisiana and to San Antonio weekly, but would prefer to get to know you over the phone before any kind of meet up.

  4. Hi my name is Aida and I’m here to meet new friends to hang out with and to chat with. I love to sing, play scrabble, tennis & go to the movies.

  5. new to this. Moved to Fountain Hills AZ from Santa Barbara. Everyone thinks I must have a brain tumor! Like the desert and it was time to find some balance in life. Amazing house and time for more fun and community service!

  6. just bored,so here am I, looking for someone to talk to. Just wants to converse with someone who makes sense. I mean somebody who is decent enough who knows what’s going on in this world. someone smart.

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